Urban Street Wear by Kutula Army Clothing

Posted by PJ Clothing Ltd on 28th Apr 2019

In 2015 Kutula Army Clothing was born and launched in London, UK to give a new dimension to Urban Street Wear Fashion. Kutula is the Zulu word for peace and the philosophy of the designer was to infuse a message of peace and style into the colour and design of the clothing. All the jackets, hoodies, hats and t shirts are unisex and very nicely combine with other styles in the Kutula Army range from our website.

The stylish, elegant and smart designs with the gloss of urban street wear particularly appeals to the fashion and peaceful minded youth and young adults who want to make a statement through fashion. The Kutula Army Clothing range features hoodies, jackets, cropped tops , camouflage designs, t shirts, hats, leggings, vests, track suits, sweatshirts etc.

The fascinating thing about the range of styles is that one can be kitted from top to bottom with a perfect combination of hats, tops, jackets and bottoms making it a 'one stop' shop for all your street wear requirements.

The quality of the clothing is remarkable with majority of them made in Europe with 100% fine pure cotton in Portugal.

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